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ScoringSecurity provides a variety of security products, such as: registering groups and their members, certifying individuals with secure identification, and authorizing access to secure facilities.

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PDF417 Data Code and Application

ScoringTrak -- used for tracking the movement and location of various objects, such as containers and commodities. Personal identity and facility access cards, and the identification of containers and commodities, are guaranteed secure with ScoringSystem�s patented application of an expandable 2-D barcode for personal information, with a photo ID, in a variety of custom formats.

Where labeling with 2-D barcodes and access to a global databank guarantee security and positive identification!

www.ScoringSecurity.com offers:
Secure Ticketing For All Events
Agriculture Worker Secure ID
Secure Food Products
Sports Player Membership ID
ScoringTrak -- for tracking movement and location
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